WG3: Visualizing Spatio-temporal Patterns of Animal Movement

Working group leader: Hans van Gasteren

WG3 will use data produced by the weather radar network to quantify spatio-temporal patterns of aerial animal movements at different scales in space and time.

The following activities will be the focus of WG3:

  • Evaluation of infrastructure for efficient storage and retrieval of biological information extracted from weather radars in close cooperation with OPERA.
  • Fostering collaboration between computational scientists and biologists to design infrastructure for efficient visualization of biological information extracted from weather radars and the most relevant environmental factors.
  • Mapping animal movement at large scales (across multiple radars).
  • Evaluation of statistical modelling approaches to quantify the influence of atmospheric dynamics on animal movement (local to continental).
  • Investigating the degree of spatio-temporal correlation between radar sites for different movement patterns and taxa and the causal factors underlying the large-scale patterns.
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Workshop visualization

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