ENRAM (European Network for the Radar surveillance of Animal Movement) is an Action initiated by the COST Programme (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) from October 2013 until October 2017.

Researchers from across Europe and a wide range of expertise – including ecology, biogeography, ornithology, entomology, meteorology, mathematics and engineering – will join forces in the field of aeroecology to foster continental-scale remote sensing of animal migration for the first time. Thereby the already existing monitoring efforts and prediction of animal movement patterns can be coordinated and extended to a continental scale.

By establishing this coordinated network of international scientists and its multi-disciplinary approach ENRAM will consolidate Europe’s world leading position in the use of radar for animal movement studies, taking this area of science a major step forward.

More information can be found in the Memorandum of Understanding (download).

Flying geese at dusk

Migrating cranes