Working Groups

ENRAM will achieve its scientific goals through the formation of four interdependent Working Groups (WG) which will last for the duration of the Action:

WG1: Classification and Retrieval of Biological Data from European Weather Radars
Working group leader: Adriaan Dokter

WG2: Improvement of Weather Radar Data Quality and Validation of Biological-classification Algorithms
Working group leader: Felix Liechti

WG3: Visualizing Spatio-temporal Patterns of Animal Movement
Working group leader: Hans van Gasteren

WG4: Significance and potential of Animal Movement Research
Working group leader: Ommo Hüppop


The WGs are interdependent on each other and so there will be consistent dialogue and frequent meetings between all WGs to enable exchange of information. The WGs will coordinate the publishing of joint research results in scientific journals and at scientific and stakeholder related conferences.


In Helsinki, Finland, Kumpula weather radar reflectivity on the 14th of May, 2010, 05 to 17 UTC. The radar in the centre is roughly on the northern coast of the Gulf of Finland. Precipitation is in the topmost class, while other reflectivity was due to masses of birch aphids migrating over the Gulf of Finland northwards. Reflectivity caused by insects varied due to horizontal roll vortices over the land area in Finland, and by the gust front disturbances caused by the thunderstorms. Differences in the insects’ number density in air are the primary reasons for the features in reflectivity, but measurement volume gets also higher with range, and both the convergence and upward motions contribute to the patterns. More information can be found here.



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