WG1 & WG2 meeting

Tuesday 8th & Wednesday 9th July, 2014, Finland

A joint workshop for WG1 and WG2 on the design of biological identification algorithms for application to weather radar data was hosted by the FMI in Helsinki, Finland on 8th and 9th of July 2014. Minutes of the meeting are available here: ENRAM WG1&2 Workshop minutes_Helsinki July 2014

Several presentations given at the meeting are available below:

Laura Alku

Phil Chilson – bat signatures

Phil Chilson – bird migration

Adriaan Dokter

Alistair Drake_Australian Insect Observations

Alistair Drake _Verification XBand Insect Measurements

Jukka Huhtamaki

Jarmo Koistinen

Matti Leskinen

Felix Liechti

Valery Melnikov